I’m so glad you’re here. I hope for many things for this space: that I will grow as a writer, that readers will be blessed by what they find here, and that we’ll pick up meaningful bread crumbs here and there.

The question that tugs at me, more than any other, is this: what does it mean to have a well-nourished soul? I’ve walked through seasons that felt thin and seasons that felt full, and haven’t always known how to find God in them. Maybe you’ve experienced something similar.

Can we be well-nourished spiritual beings even in those thin times? If so, what does it look like? Most of us are not who we want to be; what does that mean for how we approach God and spiritual things? Is any season truly scarce in hindsight?

I hope to engage those questions here, and I’d be so honored if you’d join the conversation.


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