Toward the end of 2011, in the thick of spiritual transition, I started thinking about my spiritual life in terms of bread crumbs. A bread crumb can be anything: words, interactions, moments of clarity or wonder, beauty. At a very low point, I felt a nudge to look for these seemingly small morsels of nourishment, and found more that I thought was there. Little by little, bit by bit, and yet in the end, a feast.

If I had to make a statement of faith, I’d say it looks like putting one foot in front of the other. It looks like being fed each day, like saying yes to my life.  It looks like me breaking down with surprised gratefulness when I see how much is really there. It looks like extending this bread to my neighbor  I’m yet to find a perfect metaphor for it all, or a perfect way to live it out, but I know what it means to be fed in surprising ways and places.  Filling the hungry spaces–this is what I hope for, believe in, and seek out.

The spiritual transition I mentioned earlier hasn’t ended by any means. I’m realizing that it might not, ever. I’m learning to live in an in-between place, after many years of perceived certainty. As tempting as it is to delete my written thoughts that I can’t agree with or relate to anymore, I’ve left them. My newest intention is to observe: myself, others, human existence–with as little judgment and as much kindness as possible.


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  1. Norissa

    Emily, I so enjoy your writing! It’s beautiful! I’m excited to see that you’ve started this blog and I look forward to feasting on what you bring to this table 😉

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