share your bread crumbs

This year, I’ve asked some friends if they’d share their stories on my blog. I’ve loved reading their words so far, and understanding their spiritual journey better as a result. You can see all of their posts here, and there are more to come in the months ahead.

I’d also love to open up this space for people I don’t know as well, or perhaps only know online–basically if you’re reading this and you’d like to share something then I’m talking about you! The prompt is this: has there been something (big or small) in your life that has nourished you spiritually in some way? Maybe it took you by surprise; maybe you’d been looking for it, but either way you found there was moreΒ than you expected.Β I call these bread crumbs, and keeping track of them has often helped me find peace and understand the trajectory of my own spiritual journey. A bread crumb can be just about anything, so feel free to think outside of the box. I’m just looking for some way that you’ve connected with the Divine. It could involve joy or pain, a life event, a fleeting moment, an interaction, words you read, music you heard–the possibilities are wide open.

So please, if you feel so inclined, share one of your stories here. It would be a gift to hear it, from one traveler to another.


Please send me an email at emjluna at gmail dot com if you’d like to submit a post or find out more. I’d love to hear from you!


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